Hans Van Daele - Test Manager

20 Years of Experience

Soon Hans will be in business for 20 years, September 15th, to be precise. What did he do in the past 20 years? Here's an overview, in a reverse timeline.

HNM Consulting bvba

2011, after quite a career working for several consulting companies, Hans Van Daele decides to start his own company, HNM Consulting bvba. He continues in Software Testing, taking up contracts as a Test Manager.

Eurofins Digital Labs | Testronic Labs, from October 2015

More details on this collaboration, the projects Hans will pursue, will be added, as soon as they are available.http://www.testroniclabs.com/

Proximus  | Belgacom, Brussels, December 2011 - September 2015

Check Hans's LinkedIn profile for more details on this collaboration, the projects. https://be.linkedin.com/in/hansvandaele